REF is a globally renowned Swedish hair care brand that creates hair products for professionals. At the heart of REF is a true passion for creativity, innovation, and high-quality products that really make a difference.
REF’S Swedish origin is renowned in their sense of design and sustainability. REF offers high-performing products that never compromise on the concern and care for cruelty-free products and the love for the environment.
All products are made with the philosophy Nature + Science, using the latest and most effective ingredients from nature, combined with advanced science to create performance driven products. REF provides products that contain no sulphates, are cruelty free, vegan, climate compensated and that contain two key systems: Strengthening Quinoa Protein and Colour Preserve System.
A strengthening protein for long-lasting repair. The vegan Keratin of Nature. This protein has among the widest spreads of amino-acids with a similar structure to Keratin, which is the natural building block of hair. Provides deep, long-lasting repair and buffers each hair strand with proteins for protection.
A natural UV-Filter in all products for ultimate protection. The UV-filter is derived from Sunflower seed oil. Sunflowers move towards the sun and have therefore developed nature’s strongest UV-filter. Combined with an anti-fade polymer, this system provides natural, effective protection against UV-rays and preserves the colour in hair.
With nature and science in perfect symmetry, REF formulates products of the finest quality and highest efficacy. 
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